Česká verze

Petráň Sklo is a business that was born in Czech Republic, a land where glass-making traditions go back to middle ages, in the nineties when change of the political situation permitted the establishment of private business. We collaborate with foreign importers of glass from Holland, Switzerland and Germany, but also from farther as for example from South Corea.

We work with different types of glass:

From our own plans or those of renowned artists we also make objects of art that can be admired in galeries (as for example a glass Bethlehem with many figures that was exhibited in Prague on Christmas 1998) and ornate many private collections.

Jiří Petráň


Headquarters: Chlebovická 498, 199 00 Praha 9
Workshop: Maroldova 689, Úvaly, Praha-východ
mob: +420 777 258 732, fax: +420 281 980 600

e-mail: info@glasspetran.cz

Jiří Petráň is avaiting your questions and your visit.